A Home for America's Heroes on America's Highway - Route 66 

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We have a huge road in front of us - but we will travel on this path together as we reach our goal - to BUILD a home for our veterans. FIFTY - one and two bedroom homes for veterans. 

Every journey begins with the FIRST step - so let's put on our tennis shoes or our hiking boots - and let the journey begin.

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Mission Statement

 To provide affordable housing for our nation’s veterans and Gold Star Families in an atmosphere of security, stability and camaraderie. To always serve those who have served.

Fort Comfort Vision

​Fort Comfort will offer affordable housing in a gated community for our veterans (and spouses).  Units will be available to accommodate veterans with disabilities. At Fort Comfort our veterans will find the camaraderie in a community of their brothers and sisters who have also served our nation.  

Fort Comfort Veterans Village

EIN # 81-1018293 

a 501c3 nonprofit organization all gifts are tax deductible 

donate today to help our veterans come home

"A nation reveals itself not only in the men it produces, but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers"
J.F. Kennedy

COVID 19 and at risk veterans 

I make this plea amidst a time of intense uncertainty in our world.  COVID 19 has changed the definition of “normal” in a short time.  Our initiative is to serve a high at-risk population with our veterans in need of sustainable housing. We are reminded every day of the critical need to serve our veterans.  There is much to do – we need everyone who can to help support our initiative.  There are four things we need

BIG MOUTHS – spread the word – share with others what we are doing.
BIG PASSION – Have a passion for those who have served our nation.
BIG TALENTS – When we get open, we will need volunteers to help our veterans.
BIG POCKETS – all of this is going to cost money – we need help to build.

Our world is changing – we all are learning a new normal.  Yet the and urgency to meet the needs of our veterans remains even bigger – we need to help today.  Please consider supporting our initiative today.  

Our Veterans deserve a place to call home  Fort Comfort Veterans Village will be home

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