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Call to Donate


That is not a lot of money - it is a meal at a fast food joint - heck if we eat somewhere fancy - it is usually less than the tip we leave.  Yet - that is what I am asking for.

There are 22 million veterans in this country - about 40 million family members of veterans.  If only 4.5% of the veterans would donate $9.50 - we would have the entire amount needed to build Fort Comfort Veterans Village.  So pass the word - how do we get a million veterans to build a village.  We have done greater things before - we have succeeded so many times when so many have told us we could not do it.  Let us come together and build a village.  A village for our veterans.

I will seek corporate support - foundation support - and organizational support.  Yet I feel our biggest support in this effort will be each other.  Come along with us and let's build a village - all I need is $9.50.

Take the challenge - click on this link to donate via PayPal  $9.50 Challenge

Of mail your gifts to 

Fort Comfort Veterans Village

PO Box 1410

Seligman, AZ 86337