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A Home for America's Heroes on America's Highway 

Legitimacy – Credibility – Full Disclosure

All of these issues – all related – inevitably come up for discussion in the world of nonprofits.  We all know there are too many unscrupulous groups in our world who take advantage of others for personal gain.  We have read of the nonprofits who raise huge amounts of money to lavish fancy parties, gifts and trips on executives of these nonprofits at the expense of those they are trying to help.  We have helped expose some of these groups out there.  So what makes us different – all I can say – is check out the facts – ask the questions and decide for yourselves.  As for me and those who help me run Fort Comfort Veterans Village – we all sleep well at night with a clear conscience – the only sleep we lose – is through worry of not being able to do more for our veterans.  We are founders and directors of another non profit called Three Hots & A Cot.  We ran that organization - and will run Fort Comfort Veterans Village as outlined below.

All financial documents are posted online for public viewing and are available for personal viewing at our offices.
Consistently ensuring over 90 – 95% of all donations go to providing direct services to the veterans.
Fort Comfort Veterans Village is Graded as “GOLD” by premier nonprofit watchdog group – GUIDESTAR
All Board Meetings are open to the public and minutes of these meetings are available for public inspection.
Featured on CNN news with Anderson Cooper.
Three Hots & A Cot was selected by President George W. Bush as one of 25 nonprofits out of 46,000 in the nation to help in Military Service Initiative to serve post 9/11 veterans.
Full and independent audit or review of all financial records each year by independent accounting firm.  Results of this review are posted on line and available for public inspection.
Continuous involvement in the community in developing strong working relationships to mutually serve the needs of our veterans.
Oversight of Advisory Board made up of representatives of numerous Veteran Service Organizations such as; Marine Corps League, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, and others to help guide us in meeting the needs of the veterans we serve.
Selected by Federal Combined Federal Campaign after passing their screening process and financial inspections to participate in National Fundraising Drive for all Federal Employees and Active Duty Military for the past six years.

Do your homework – check us out – ask the questions – then decide for yourself.  We will keep it all at “full disclosure” mode and do all we can to ensure our veterans needs are met in any way we can.

We will always strive to do what is Legally Right, Morally Acceptable and Ethically Correct in every action we take.

JD Simpson
President & Founder
Fort Comfort Veterans Village

(928) 499-9031