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Let the journey begin to bring all veterans home

Our proposed project is to provide affordable housing to our nation’s veterans, widows, and Gold Star Families in what we will call Fort Comfort Veterans Village. 

Yavapai County - Ash Fork AZ will offer 1 - 3 Bedroom homes, Retail Center, Restaurant and many other community services for our veterans.

I am co-founder and President of a 501(c) (3) organization formed by veterans to help veterans.  Our primary mission is to assist homeless military veteran’s transition from life on the streets into a self-sustained lifestyle and to provide all veterans with affordable housing.  Fort Comfort Veterans Village will focus on providing permanent and affordable housing.  In 2009 my wife Lynette, a friend of ours - Rich Cislak, and myself took $37, loaded a U-Haul and moved to Birmingham, AL from northern Virginia to help veterans.  We ran into our share of skeptics in the early days, those who said we did not have the funding, the skills or the experience to do what we wanted to do.  Five years later our skeptics are few and far between. 

I am not sure if we are successful because of faith or stupidity, maybe a combination of both.  Yet in five years we have helped over 450 veterans move into affordable housing.  We have opened and operate two transitional housing centers providing housing and services to nearly 30 men and women each night.  We also have six homes providing permanent, affordable housing for nearly 20 veterans and family members.  We will be opening three more houses later this year.  We went from $37 in assets to nearly $1,000,000 in five years.   

​We have been able to accomplish this because of a network of volunteers, supporters, and sponsors.  We work regularly with the Gold Star Families, American Legion, Marine Corp League and the DAV.  We can rely on corporate support from Home Depot, AT&T Pioneers, Woodforest Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, Regions Bank, Alabama Power, Wal-Mart & SAMS Clubs, plus many more.  Our donor base encompasses a Navy widow in Alexander City who sends us $20 a month to a Marine Widow in Washington State who sends us $25,000 - $50,000 a year and lots of folks in between.  We have been featured on every local media outlet and a few national stories (Anderson Cooper’s 360 on CNN have covered us for stories on two occasions).  

As you can see Fort Comfort Veterans Village will not be our first dive into the pool.  We been treading water and swimming laps for a few years now.  We know we are going to face all the obstacles that come with any project of this size.  There will be permits and fees and zoning variances and a number of hurdles we will scamper over and through.

We will have to reach out to a volunteer network to help us bang some nails, plant a tree and slap some paint on some walls.  We will reach out to donors for everything we need. Our donors will be individuals, organizations and corporations.  This project’s projected cost is $8,500,000.  We will need to raise about $620,000 to get it off the ground.  So I realize we have our work cut out for us. 

We are reaching out to everyone to help us serve our veterans – as for me – I am heading to the bank later today to open another account – will be at Wells Fargo – first deposit will be $37.00.  Let the journey begin. 

Thank you for your consideration in supporting our initiative to help veterans.

JD Simpson
President and Co-Founder
Fort Comfort Veterans Village
​Three Hots & A Cot, Inc. ̹