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President George W. Bush with 
JD Simpson - President & CEO 

Fort Comfort Veterans Village

President George W. Bush 

Military Service Initiative

We were honored at Three Hots & A Cot to be selected by the President George W. Bush Center to take part in a study to help improve services to post 9/11 veterans.  We were one of 25 organizations selected our of over 46,0000 nonprofits that serve veterans in this nation.  I had the honor to meet and talk about some of the initiatives to serve our veterans with the former President in Dallas in February of 2015.  We were able to attend the Military Services Initiative Summit the following day and learn from some of the best in how we can serve those who have served us more effectively.  

We are taking the Tool Kits provided by the President George W. Bush Center and begin putting into play some of the best practices available to all of us who strive to meet the needs of our veterans.  I encourage all nonprofits to use this Tool Kit.  We can only serve those who have served our nation if we can meet their needs.  

Fort Comfort Veterans Village is the culmination of a vision to meet some very real needs of military veterans.  We must - and we can make this a reality with all of us pulling together. 

Please visit The Bush Center Military Service Initiative web site for more information on the efforts of the President to serve our veterans.